Nappy Bags and Backpacks

All parents know that leaving the house with a young child isn’t as simple as grabbing your keys and going out the door; it requires planning, packing, foresight and an arsenal of tools and equipment. You need to bring nappies, bottles, rash cream, baby wipes, dummies, spare clothes – where are you supposed to put it all?

A functional, purpose-made nappy bag is the answer. Nappy bags have all the pockets and storage space you need, whether it’s for a trip to the park, a dinner at a restaurant or a day with the grandparents.

Lugging around everything your baby needs can be arduous, so make sure you have a convenient nappy bag or backpack to make it easier for you and your budding family.

My Little Wardrobe has the best in useful and cute nappy bags and backpacks that won’t break the bank. Discover more below.

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Nappy Bags & Backpacks That Are Stylish, Functional & Affordable

The best place to find stylish, functional and affordable nappy bags in Australia is My Little Wardrobe. We are Australia’s favourite online store for all things baby and children. We stock clothing, accessories, nursery décor, toys, and of course baby nappy bags from local businesses and global brands. Our range accommodates all styles and budgets, and provides you with a place to find the best fit for your baby’s needs.

When you imagine a nappy bag or backpack for your baby, toddler or child, it doesn’t have to be an explosion of rainbows and neon (unless you want it to be, that is).

Nappy bags can be a lowkey, stylish addition to your usual accessories. My Little Wardrobe knows that some parents and families prefer bags that are on the more subtle side, and we have gathered a variety that can suit anyone’s tastes. Whether you’re adding one to your gift registry, buying one for yourself, or gifting it to a loved one, these nappy bags and backpacks are designed for maximum convenience.

Our Collection of Baby Bags Come In All Shapes & Sizes

At My Little Wardrobe, we understand that families have different needs and preferences when it comes to baby bags. Our range of nappy bags and backpacks include:

  • Corduroy backpacks,
  • Leopard-print backpacks,
  • Pram caddies,
  • Dummy bags,
  • Large diaper bags,
  • Convertible nappy bags,
  • Cross-body bags,
  • Foldable changing mats,
  • Wash bags,
  • Duffle bags and more.

We cater to parents of all kinds, whether you’re packing for a trip or just for a walk to the park. Your baby might require more than others realise, and we know how important it is to ensure they have all the essentials – and then some.

For this reason, My Little Wardrobe also caters to moms and dads, including comfy hoodies, hats and more. You deserve a little treat, too!

Tips When Looking To Buy Your First Baby Backpack & Baby Bag

Are you after your first baby bag? My Little Wardrobe can help! We’re experts when it comes to choosing all the accessories and necessities for your little one.


Prioritise comfort when looking at nappy bags. You can pop down to the store to try on the bags you’ve been eyeing. You’ll probably be hauling your baby bag around for a good while, so it’s essential that you find one that is easy to carry and use.


What will you be up to when you’re using your baby bag? Is it a nappy bag you’ll be packing for a weekend away? Are you taking a quick drive down to do the groceries? Find a flexible, practical nappy bag or backpack that aligns with the activities in your daily life. Make sure it can fit necessary outfit changes, such as when the temperature drops and you need to put them into a snug hoodie, or you’re heading to the pool together in your swimwear.


You may want to have your nappy bag or backpack for a while. You may end up having a go-to favourite – and you want it to last for a long time. Try to choose a sturdy baby bag that is easy to clean, as spills are inevitable with a tot. This bag will be a constant companion alongside your baby, so it needs to be strong enough to come along for the ride.

My Little Wardrobe Only Provides The Best Nappy Bags & Backpacks

You can shop the best in nappy bags and backpacks at My Little Wardrobe today. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the best baby essentials and accessories throughout Australia. You can read more about us here.

How Should I Choose a Baby Nappy Bag?

Here at My Little Wardrobe, we have a range of stylish baby nappy backpacks online, and you can have them delivered anywhere in Australia. With on-trend and practical designs, why go anywhere else? When it’s time to go out for an adventure with your baby, it’s important to prepare for all scenarios.

A hungry baby, diaper changes, weather shifts and even vomiting are all possibilities. Make sure your nappy bag has diapers, a mat or blanket, baby wipes, snacks and water bottles, dummies, toys, a change of clothes, extra bibs, and hand sanitiser. When you have to carry so much stuff, you need a nappy bag that is big enough to fit all your essential items. And don’t you worry about style. Our range of nappy bags will suit every look!

The VANCHI Amelia baby nappy bag is up for the job. It has loads of pockets that will keep your stuff tidy and organised. You don’t have to rummage around looking for things, and you can get to what you need quickly. And what’s more – this bag can attach to the handles of your pram.

You don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy bag everywhere. Simply pop it on the pram and you’re ready to go! You can find this multitasker in different colours. A smaller version of this bag is the VANCHI Pram Caddy. A compact version of the bigger bag, this is a sleek and simpler design for those quick trips.

For the mums and dads who want to go out without a pram, grab a baby nappy bag that turns into a backpack. With the little ones, you need to be hands-free. Just carry a nappy bag on your shoulders and get ready to go! The VANCHI Billie is a convertible nappy bag that can be both a backpack or a tote bag. The Anchor & Arrow ultimate bag is a masterpiece that has a nappy clutch within the big nappy bag. You can pick and choose to keep what you need according to the day you have planned for your bub.  

Many of our backpacks come with handy pockets to the rear of the backpack where you can put your phone, purse or keys and rest assured that it is secure. Each bag has been designed with parents in mind. You will find pockets and sections for organising your nappy backpack so that you know where everything is for when you need it most.

What is a Nappy Bag?

A nappy bag is a specialised bag designed to carry all the essentials needed for a baby or toddler when out and about. They’re designed to be both practical and stylish, boasting features like multiple compartments and pockets, adjustable straps, and durable materials to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. They come in various styles and designs, including tote bags, backpacks, and duffel bags to suit different needs.

What Kind of Nappy Bag Do I Need?

The kind of nappy bag that will best suit you depends on your needs and your lifestyle. If you’re constantly pushing around a pram, then a convertible pram caddy might be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you like to walk and keep your hands as free as can be, a backpack may be best suited. 

When selecting a nappy bag, consider storage size and comfort features like adjustable or padded straps. Ensure durability with high-quality materials like vegan leather, and choose a versatile design or one that reflects your personal style.

What Are the Benefits of a Backpack Nappy Bag?

Backpacks are staple bags in many walks of life for a variety of reasons. They offer hands-free convenience, ergonomic design for reduced strain, and ample storage for easy organisation. They're versatile, often serving as regular backpacks, travel bags, or laptop bags, and are easy to clean due to water-resistant or wipe-clean fabrics.

Are Nappy Bags Good For Travel?

Not only are nappy bags good for travel, they’re necessary. Imagine trying to catch a plane, train, or automobile with a baby in tow, and all your essentials scattered within an ill-equipped purse.

Nappy bags make travel a breeze with multiple compartments and handy features like pram attachments and adjustable straps. From our range of leather bags, designer baby bags, tote nappy bags and backpacks, there’s no need to travel in any way but an organised fashion again. 

What Are the Benefits of a Duffle Nappy Bag?

With their spacious designs and versatile carrying options, duffel nappy bags are ideal for longer trips. Featuring plenty of storage space and easy organisation for essentials, these bags perfectly suit an extended outing or holiday.

There are few benefits that nappy bags and backpacks don’t provide for parents; and with our range of styles and designs available at My Little Wardrobe, you’re simply spoiled for choice. Shop our range today, or contact us for more information.

Choose My Little Wardrobe for Your Baby Needs

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