Connetix Tiles

Award-winning toys for ages three and up, Connetix Tiles are tools to help your child unlock their creativity.

Designed for safety and engagement, Connetix Tiles are composed of non-toxic ABS and are free of phthalates, lead, and BPA. Because of our distinctive bevelled shape, our tiles are more robust and produce lovely light refractions around each creation.

My Little Wardrobe carries a wide range of Connetix Tiles. They’re a unique and beautiful gift that children will play with for years.

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What Are Connetix Tiles?

Connetix Tiles are high-quality toys designed to be open-ended to explore STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) concepts like construction, gravity, momentum and leverage. Their design supports motor and cognitive development, as well as plenty of creativity and problem-solving. Connetix Tiles are an exciting way to grow through learning and teamwork when playing with others.

Connetix lets kids make 2D and 3D shapes while playing and building using their ideas and imagination. Through open-ended play, our magnetic tiles assist kids with:

  • developing their cognitive abilities
  • spatial awareness
  • hand-eye coordination
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • knowledge of STEAM topics.

In addition, kids can play alone or with friends and family, encouraging crucial social abilities like cooperation, tenacity, and resilience while having fun constructing enormous castles and towers, new homes for beloved toys, or investigating 3D shapes and patterns.

What Ages Are Suited for Connetix Tiles?

Connetix Tiles’ non-toxic design makes them safe for toddlers aged three and up, though you may require adult supervision for toys that come with smaller parts.

How Can Connetix Tiles Be Used for Open-Ended Play?

Open-ended play is when children use their imaginations to explore, invent and build new worlds and ideas.

Connetix Tiles encourages kids to explore and try new things. Allowing your kids to play with limitless possibilities means they can take charge, set the pace, and unleash their creativity. It's crucial to provide open-ended play opportunities to inspire kids to use their imaginations and become adaptable, creative problem solvers.

While not all kids are naturally interested in open-ended toys or play, it is vital to remember that kids are typically introduced to closed-ended activities first, such as mazes and puzzles. Connetix Tiles allows you to change this by making the journey of exploration more important than the solution.

You can reference the ‘ideas booklet’, but your kids will probably come up with their own activities for Connetix Tiles during open play. Tiles with geometric shapes are ideal for creating vibrant mandalas. 

Your kids are also learning about colours, gravity and patterns simultaneously. If your furniture is near windows, you can observe how the light patterns your walls in various ways.

Which Connetix Magnetic Tiles Set is Best to Buy First?

What Connetix Tiles Set you choose to buy depends on your little one’s personality and interests. Do they like bright colours? Are they interested in trains, shapes or castles? The possibilities are endless with these sets and variations.

If you’re unsure, Connetix Tiles also sells several Starter Packs. They come with a range of shapes and colours and allow children to build everything from boats and trains to towers and coin drops.

There will be problem-solving and creative thinking aplenty – and your Connetix Tile collection can grow with your kiddo as they develop. We also have a return policy you can take a look at before purchasing, so you can exchange your Connetix Tiles sets.

Delve into the world of Connetix Tiles today. If you need more information from our help team, don’t hesitate to contact us. Give the gift of joyful learning with Connetix Tiles.