Christmas Collection

Christmas comes up quicker every year, and getting all the presents and decor organised in time for the big day can be a stressful task. But we are here to help! Now you no longer have to worry about dressing your kids, thanks to My Little Wardrobe’s range of baby Christmas outfits. 

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From rompers to personalised tee shirts, My Little Wardrobe has festive Christmas-themed clothing available in all styles and sizes. Whether you’re searching for a traditional newborn outfit to mark your child’s very first Christmas or a funny and festive tee shirt for your toddler, our Christmas clothes collection has you covered.

How To Select An Outfit For Your Baby's First Christmas

The holidays are the perfect time to create cherished memories with your family and loved ones, and it's only natural that you want your baby to join in too. If you're not sure how to select a baby Christmas outfit, here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect ensemble: 

Weather And Temperature

You'll want to make sure your baby is comfortable, so avoid anything too heavyweight or constricting. Over here in Australia, Christmas is likely to be a pretty hot day so while you want your baby to look as cute as possible, dressing them in a heavy-knit onesie is not a practical option. 

There are still plenty of adorable options that suit the warmer seasons. My Little Wardrobe’s collection of baby Christmas outfits consists of t-shirts, rompers, lovely dresses and much more that will make their day (and make them look amazing, too). All of our Christmas clothes for babies and kids are made from breathable and lightweight materials so they can stay comfortable in warm weather. We want to make your baby’s Christmas experience as joyous as possible, especially if it is one of their first!  

A Fashionable Look

Is the Christmas Day event you’re going to be attending formal or casual? When dressing for a special Christmas event, you might want to consider the colour choice. How about the classic red and gold pairing, or a pure white for the ‘white wonderland’ look? If you’re just heading to a more casual event like the family barbecue, a plain toddler bodysuit, romper or girls skirts and shorts may be the more practical approach for events at home while still getting in the festive spirit. A more dressy playsuit or romper may be a better fit for lunch or dinner out at a restaurant. Your baby is the star of the show – you don’t want him or her to be underdressed!

Accessories Galore

A cute pair of socks or booties can really complete the look. In addition to our range of Christmas-themed garments, My Little Wardrobes stocks everything from Christmas bandana bibs to bow headbands. Our baby and kid accessories ensure your little one is covered in the Christmas spirit from head to toe. And if your baby or toddler is a bit of a messy eater, you can throw on a bib in Christmassy colours so they can still look the part while enjoying their meal!

With these tips in mind, you're sure to find an outfit that will have your baby looking their best this holiday season so that you can have a very merry Christmas! 

How To Dress Toddler Boys For Christmas Day

If you have a toddler boy in your life, you may be wondering how to dress him for the family holiday. Here are a few pointers to help you out: 

Outfits To Run Around In

Christmas is a very exciting time for kids, and if your child is a toddler, they’ll probably spend most of the day running about and exploring their surroundings. 

With that in mind, look for a practical Christmas-themed outfit that is both festive and provides them with the space and mobility to move in. A trackies set, for example, is both comfortable and practical whilst offering a festive look. 

Staying Cool

Of course, if you’re in Australia, there’s every chance that Christmas Day could be very hot. If that’s the case, consider pairing one of our lightweight tees with a pair of shorts so that the little man can stay cool. 

What Christmas Outfit Looks Best For Santa Photos?

When choosing a Christmas outfit for babies and kids in regard to a photo with Santa, you'll want something that is adorable, festive, and comfortable. Here are some popular options that we think look great for the classic Santa photo: 


Christmas dresses for baby girls are beautiful holiday-themed dresses for girls with Christmas patterns like snowflakes, reindeer, or ornaments that can make for lovely photos.

Matching Family Outfits 

Consider dressing up the whole family in matching or coordinated Christmas outfits for a fun and heartwarming photo.

Festive Colours 

Regardless of the specific outfit, the classic Christmas colours of red and green always look great for Santa photos. Remember, the most important thing is to ensure the outfit is cool and comfortable, especially in Australia’s warm weather. 

Remember, the outfit complements the genuine joy and wonder in your child's eyes during that Santa encounter. And with My Little Wardrobe, your child will undoubtedly look their festive best!

Where To Buy Newborn Christmas Clothes

From My Little Wardrobe of course!

When it comes to baby girl and baby boy Christmas outfits, there’s simply no better place to shop in Australia. My Little Wardrobe offers the most stylish and comfortable Christmas newborn outfits to celebrate this very special time in your little one’s life.

In addition to our comprehensive range of newborn Christmas clothes, we also stock a wide range of accessories, decor, and gifts to make the holiday season a special one. 

Santa will be no doubt visiting this year and will need to know exactly where to place the gifts! Make Christmas morning that extra bit special with our MLW By Design — Personalised Santa Sacks. Not only are they beautiful (and practical), but they make a special memento of these significant first few Christmases as a family. 

If you’re hosting Christmas lunch or dinner, you’re probably looking for a few decor pieces to really get everyone in the holiday spirit. Timber Tinkers have a number of elegant signs to display over your home this Christmas season, for a personalised festive feel! 

Our line of Christmas products includes many more decorations and accessories to make this holiday season special. Browse the full range of Christmas-themed clothing and products today at My Little Wardrobe and be sure to contact us if you have any questions, we are always happy to help. 

Happy holidays!