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If you’re a parent or guardian of an infant, you know the struggle of teething all too well. Fortunately, there are ways to help soothe your baby during this time. 

One solution is using a teether; if you’re on the lookout for reliable and durable pacifiers for your infant, CMC Gold dummies are an ideal investment. After being independently lab tested and passing all safety standards with flying colours, these silicone teethers are here to soothe your child’s aching gums. 

At My Little Wardrobe, we are proud stockists of CMC Gold. They provide quality products at affordable prices and outstanding designs. 

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Is My Baby Teething?

Teething is an important, albeit slightly dreaded, part of a child's development. Babies begin to teeth anywhere between a month through to their first year. Some common signs of teething are: 

  • Reddish gums that look sore
  • Face rash
  • Restlessness 

Note: There is a common misconception that a child might have a mild fever when they begin to teeth. This is not true, and might just be a sign that your child is sick and needs to consult a doctor.  

You’d easily be able to identify when babies begin to teeth, and you will need a solution to manage their pain. This is where CMC dummies come in. These teethers give your baby something to safely chew on when their teeth begin to develop. It also keeps them from chewing on your clothes, your face, and really, anything they can get their hands on! But when should babies start using them?

When Can You Start Giving Babies Teethers?

Most babies start teething between a month to one year. During this time, it's important to start introducing different types of teethers. This includes cold fruits, and of course, teething toys. By bringing these items into your baby's routine early on, they will become more comfortable with them as they grow older. We recommend getting a pack of two or more dummies, so that you have spares in case you lose one. A great way to keep babies from losing their dummies is by using a CMC Gold dummy clip

Are CMC Gold Dummies Safe?

Yes. CMC Gold takes every measure to ensure that their products are safe for infants to put in their mouths. After a rigorous two year research phase, they have been engineered to be practical and safe. CMC Gold dummies are:

  •  100% BPA, PVC & Phthalates free 
  •  100% natural rubber teat, & have passed testing in accordance with AS 2432:2015 Australian standards.

How Do You Clean CMC Gold Dummies?

It's important to keep your baby's teeth clean at all times! Before giving a teething toy to them make sure it's been washed with hot water and soap or sprayed down with a toy cleaner solution. 

Let Baby Teethers Soak in Hot Water

Cleaning baby teethers with hot water is another effective way to ensure that they stay free from germs and bacteria. Hot water is particularly effective because it will kill a wide range of harmful bacteria and pathogens more efficiently than cold water. However, take caution when cleaning them in hot water as the extreme temperature can cause damage to the material. Let them soak for at least 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Taking these simple steps will help keep your baby’s teething toys safe and clean while they cut their teeth. 

CMC Gold Dummies Are Perfect For Babies Teething

Teeth are an essential part of growing up. That’s why it’s important to introduce safe and effective items like teethers during this critical period in your baby’s life. By soothing them and giving them a way to be distracted, you can give your baby time to grow into their new pearly whites! 

CMC Gold also has other maternity goodies like swaddle sets, mobiles and cards for baby showers. Explore the collection on the My Little Wardrobe site today! For more information on our products, feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly staff members.