Looking to get a new pair of Havaianas for your toddler? It’s a great choice if you are searching for a flip-flop that will provide unbeatable comfort for your child. These shoes are made with high-quality Brazilian rubber, which is the world-renowned hallmark of the brand. The secret behind their unparalleled comfort is the cushioned footbed and contoured straps that keep the sandal in place, regardless of how active your child may be. 

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Furthermore, Havaianas offers a wide variety of colour options and styles to choose from to ensure that your child always looks fashionable and chic. With such a great list of features combined with their affordable price range, it's no wonder why Havaianas are so popular!

At My Little Wardrobe, we stock kids Havaianas and various other sandals that aim to ensure your child’s safety and comfort.  

Why Is Havaianas So Popular?

Havaianas has gained immense popularity with parents due to their comfortable and lightweight baby sandals, which many people around the world have come to love. Their iconic style and array of bright colours are sure to please any fashionista (or their kids!) 

The textured sole is not only stylish but also anti-slip, making it the ideal choice for children that are active and enjoy spending time by the beach or pool.  

Do Havaianas Last Longer?

Havaianas kid's slippers are renowned for their durability and longevity. Their signature thick rubber sole is made of superior materials that prevent slips and falls while still keeping your child's feet comfortable. The soles also bend and flex to fit the foot's contours, lending longevity to this product. The rubber uppers further add to the comfort factor, allowing a breathable shoe to stay in shape season after season. With proper care, your child can enjoy years of wear from these stylish kid's slippers!

What Is the Difference Between Havaianas Slim and Regular?

Havaianas Slim offers a unique style for girls that regular Havaianas models don’t have. The straps are notably thinner, making them more delicate and stylish. They are also slightly longer than those of the regular model, making them ideal for those who have narrower feet or a higher arch. Additionally, the shoe's sole is slimmer, giving off a more modern look. Along with this sleek design comes greater comfort and support, perfect for long days spent on your feet. 

Havaianas Slim’s for kids are incredibly durable and resistant to water damage due to their high-quality rubber construction. All in all, if you’re looking for a fashionable yet comfortable flip-flop with a feminine touch, then Havaianas Slim are definitely worth considering buying for your little girl!    

Should You Size Up or Down in Havaianas?

When it comes to shopping for a new pair of kid's Havaianas flip flops, you want to ensure you make the best choice for their individual needs. While sizing up or down might make a slight difference in the fit and comfort of their shoes, it ultimately boils down to the comfort and safety of your child. If you're unsure what size is best for them, opt for their usual size. If that turns out to be too large, too small or still doesn't feel quite right (the ultimate Goldilocks problem), feel free to reach out to our customer service team — we're always happy to help our customers return their products to find the perfect fit!

Where to Buy Baby and Kids Havaianas

My Little Wardrobe is a proud stockist of Havaianas. Who doesn’t love a pair of good open-toe sandals for kids? They’re great for outdoor adventures and easy to clean, which is an essential feature when buying products for children. Check out our website today to explore the collection!