Take an extra step with your newborn baby gifts. Handmade baby clothes and accessories express a new level of thoughtfulness through their warmth, attention to detail and one-of-a-kind nature.

My Little Wardrobe carries a wide selection of handmade baby clothes, bibs, burp clothes and accessories for you to choose from. Spoil your loved ones with an added layer of care, courtesy of our Australian designs.

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Check out our size guide as you shop to ensure you’re purchasing the right outfits and accessories for the little ones.

What Types of Handmade Clothes Does My Little Wardrobe Sell?

My Little Wardrobe sells a diverse range of handmade clothes. Some are handmade crochet, while others may be gingham – it all depends on the handmade item you’ve decided to purchase.

Many of our handmade items are made in Australia, too, which is a plus for people looking for locally sourced gifts and bundles.

Handmade Baby Bibs

Our handmade bibs come from the Pili Pila Collection and Beach Bibs and Bits. They both come in an extensive range of fun styles and colours.

Pili Pila bibs are bandana-style bibs, triple-layered for extra absorbency and made with 100% cotton with a fleece lining. Their handmade bibs feature snap fasteners so the bib can grow with the baby (from 0 to 2 years old).

Beach Bibs and Bits are 100% woven cotton and have a soft, terry towelling back. The handmade bibs grow with the little one, from 0 to 1½ years old. Machine washable, these handmade bibs are low maintenance but offer maximum absorption.

Handmade Baby Bottoms

Enjoy more of the Pili Pila Collection at My Little Wardrobe with handmade bottoms. Catering for babies from 0 to 3 years old, these high-waisted shorts are designed to be cute and comfortable. They’re stretchy and soft, so your baby will be as happy as a clam.

As all these baby clothes are handmade individually, so there may be slight variations in patterns, sizing and layout – but that means every baby bottom from My Little Wardrobe is entirely unique!

Handmade Scarfs & Baby Beanies

Is there anything more adorable than a tot in a handmade scarf or beanie? Tinker Tot Baby handmade beanies and scarfs are crocheted by hand using top-quality milk cotton yarn and are resistant to pilling.

They’re cosy but breathable with the feel of cashmere. My Little Wardrobe stocks all the favourite designs: classic crochet beanies, lamb ears and a bobbled pixie bonnet with ears.

Handmade Baby Tees, Tops & Tanks

Babies deserve tees and tops to lounge around in, and Pili Pila Collection agrees. They sew handmade slouchy tees for little ones in a duo of patterns, sizing from 0 to 3 years old. Soft and stretchy, they award babies with plenty of wiggle room.

Handmade Baby Clothes Sets

If you can’t decide which pieces to mix or how to match them, explore our handmade baby clothes sets from Beach Bibs and Bits and Summer Love Australia.

Beach Bibs and Bits handmade baby clothes sets include soft knit baby shorts – designed to slip on with no zips or clasps – and a dribble bib. Summer Love Australia’s handmade sets are made-to-order and cotton. However, if you can’t decide which set to get, a gift card is always a great option too.

How Do I Take Care of Handmade Baby Bibs and Clothes?

Handmade baby bibs and clothes can require special care – but this may only be slightly different from usual washes. Most handmade baby clothes can be machine-washed at a low to medium temperature. You can use a dryer to dry baby bibs and clothes, but this may decrease their absorbency. For this reason, it’s recommended that you line dry your baby bibs – and this should be done ASAP to prevent mould from forming.

Pro tip: mix one part vinegar and two parts water to create a vinegar mix. Soak your bibs in this mixture for ten minutes before washing to get those bibs extra clean.

Ready to shop for handmade goodies? Pop by in person or browse My Little Wardrobe’s handmade baby clothes and bibs online. Contact us today to get started on your handmade journey.