Headbands & Hair Clips

There’s nothing like a headband to accessorise your little one. From oversized headwraps to ruffled turbans, My Little Wardrobe’s collection of headbands are coveted closet pieces.

Mix and match with our variety of different coloured headbands and accessories. We have sets and packs so you can scoop up your favourites – or select your own to expand your baby’s wardrobe. Be it for special occasions or everyday use, these head accessories are the cherry on top.

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Baby headbands are one of the simplest accessories to add to your baby’s outfit. Versatile and comfortable for your little one, they add an extra touch of style and colour to your baby’s outfit.

Take a look at our baby headbands and accessories, whether it’s for your own baby or or another happy family. Try one of our gift cards if you want to add to your gift bundle for friends and family. You won’t want to miss out on this charming assortment.

Are the Headbands Adjustable in Size to Fit My Baby’s Head Comfortably?

Yes, most of our headbands are adjustable. Our baby headbands, turbans, beanies, top knots and bows are made from cotton blends, which allow a degree of stretchability depending on your little one’s head size. For more information, check out our helpful size guide.

Cotton blend accessories are a wonderful choice for babies, as they are comfortable yet durable with plenty of flexibility.

Can I Find Headbands That Match Specific Outfits or Colour Preferences?

You can find headbands to match outfits or colour palettes! Browse our extensive selection of baby headbands and accessories to find the perfect picks for you and your baby.

We also have a sprinkling of patterned headbands, including popular patterns such as leopard print, several adorable floral prints and a funky spotted print.

If you’re feeling bolder, then mix it up with patterns and colours through our baby headbands and accessories. Pair softer colours with fun prints for contrast; pop our fluffy Teddy Headband on with a colourful onesie; go bright and beautiful with our Flower Sunnies & Headbands. The choices are endless, and we’re here to make them as exciting as possible.

What Styled Headbands Does My Little Wardrobe Sell?

Baby headbands can be as stylish as you wish! My Little Wardrobe sells an abundance of variations, so you have plenty of options for dressing up your little one.

Our collection of baby headbands includes:

  • baby bow headbands
  • baby turban headbands
  • baby top knot headbands
  • baby headbands in various patterns
  • baby bow headbands

We also sell baby headband sets paired with a matching bib for extra sweetness. If you’re feeling extra luxe, then check out our handmade variations, including oversized baby headwraps and bows. Your tot is about to be cosy and cute.

Ready to start shopping for your little one today? Join us at My Little Wardrobe at one of our stockists or shop online! Our passion is putting together perfect outfits for your mini-me, and our baby headbands and accessories are the easiest way to take them to the next level.

If you need more help or information on our baby headbands or accessories, contact us today. We’re happy to help.