Stockings and Socks

When it comes to dressing your little girl in the cooler months, baby stockings and socks are an absolute wardrobe staple. Not only do they keep little feet warm and cosy, but they come in a variety of styles and colours to make them extra special. And to make life easier, you can shop for your child's needs all in one place – at My Little Wardrobe.

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Whether you're searching for newborn stockings or toddler tights, My Little Wardrobe has your child's closet sorted. We have thick material options for chilly days and lighter alternatives for when your bub's toes just need a little bit of warmth! Browse our collection online today and secure the perfect pair.

Are Tights Good for a Baby?

Yes, tights can provide much-needed warmth and comfort to babies in colder weather, making them a practical choice for parents. Our collection of baby tights is specially crafted to be gentle and cosy against delicate legs, ensuring that your little ones stay cosy and content. 

The snug fit of tights helps to keep them in place, preventing any slips or sagging, while also allowing for easy movement and play. Additionally, tights come in a variety of colours and styles, allowing parents to coordinate with their baby's outfit or add a pop of fun to their wardrobe. We have baby tights for 0-3 months, ranging all the way up for girls who are four years old!

So if you're looking for a stylish and practical option to keep your baby warm and comfy, newborn stockings are definitely worth considering.

What Age Can Babies Wear Tights?

Babies can wear tights as early as a few weeks old, but the exact age will depend on the baby's size and weight. It is generally recommended to wait until the baby reaches a weight of around 10 pounds or a few weeks old, whichever comes first. At this point, their legs will have enough size and strength to comfortably wear tights without any restriction of movement or discomfort. 

It's important to choose tights that are designed specifically for babies, with soft, breathable materials and a snug fit that won't be too tight or too loose. As with all baby clothing, it's important to keep an eye on your baby while they are wearing tights or stockings to ensure they are comfortable and happy.

What Types of Newborn Stockings Does My Little Wardrobe Sell?

My Little Wardrobe has a huge collection of cuteness – all in the form of baby stockings, tights and socks! Some of the goodies that we stock include:

Classic Baby White Stockings

Nothing beats a classic white. White baby socks and stockings are a versatile and timeless addition to any baby's wardrobe. Made with soft and comfortable materials, these stockings are perfect for layering and keeping little legs warm and cosy.

Ribbed Baby and Toddler Tights

Ribbed baby stockings are the perfect solution for keeping your baby snug during winter. With a cute and stylish ribbed design that allows for free movement, these tights are the perfect type for curious, wandering little girls.


These adorable types of baby tights are perfect for those fussy bubs who don’t like the feeling of something around their waist. The straps of these ribbed winter suspenders hold up the warm tights while keeping your girl or boy cosy.

Does My Little Wardrobe Sell Lace Tights?

My Little Wardrobe sells adorable newborn lace tights in varying styles and colours! These baby tights come in a sock-cut and feature lace trims and details. 

Perfect for special occasions or adding a touch of elegance to everyday wear, these lace tights are made with high-quality materials and designed to be gentle and comfortable against delicate skin. They are available in different sizes to fit newborns and toddlers, ensuring that your little ones can look their best at any age.

Where Can I Buy White Baby Tights?

My Little Wardrobe is the perfect place to buy the loveliest baby stockings and socks for your little one! We have a range of white baby tights available, including footed and footless styles, made with soft and breathable materials to keep your baby's legs comfortable and warm. 

Browse our collection of baby tights and find the perfect pair for your little one. With our quality products and excellent customer service, My Little Wardrobe is a great choice for parents looking for stylish and practical baby clothing.

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