Is your baby starting their journey with semi or solid foods? You’re going to need some practical essentials to keep meal times neat and clean. With a few basics like a suction plate or bowl, a bib and a silicone cutlery set, you should be good to go. 

Luckily for you, all of these can be picked up through My Little Wardrobe. We offer a variety of baby must-haves and aim to be your go-to for all the accessories and clothes you need for your little one. 

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What Material Is Best for Babies Cutlery?

When choosing a baby suction plate or bowl, your best option is to find one that’s silicone. These suction plates tend to: 

  • Be Safe for Your Child:

They keep your baby from getting hurt due to hard or sharp edges of metal or plastic bowls. Silicone is also known for its food grade and BPA-free properties, making it non-toxic.

  • Keep Things Clean: 

Dinner time is always going to be a mess, so might as well have a silicone bib to keep things from getting completely chaotic. The attachable bib has a bowl to catch any stray peas and the material makes it easy to wipe off your baby’s spittle or other nasty bits from their meals.  

  • Have Plenty of Styles to Choose From:

Our silicone baby items come in a variety of colours and styles to choose from. From sunset coral to warm honey, find products that match your liking and let your baby enjoy their meals safely!

Which Baby Plate Is Best?

We highly recommend using plates that stick to surfaces when your child begins to eat solid foods. This baby suction plate from Beloved Child Co does a great job of providing portion control while giving your baby room to eat independently. 

When Should I Start Giving My Baby a Plate?

Ideally, you should begin feeding your baby semi-solid, mashed up foods at about four to six months of age. The time depends on when you feel your child is ready to take the leap - so don’t rush if you think they need a bit longer. 

As infants get older, solid food becomes an important part of their diet and becomes the main source of nutrition and energy. Introducing this type of food helps learn how to eat, develop their jaw muscles and teeth and lays down a foundation for interaction. Meal times are when families generally eat together, so it also acts as a conductor for developing language skills. 

What Are the Benefits of a Baby Suction Plate

There are several positives to using a suction plate when your little one has to start independent eating. Let’s take a look: 

  • Control Their Portions

These plates allow you to intuitively understand how much food to load in for your baby. Other plates don’t have dividers and therefore, make it harder to know what portions to put down. 

  • Variety

Another benefit of the dividers is that they allow you to freestyle when it comes to variety. The suction plates we have available usually split the utensil into three parts and will allow you to introduce different types of food.  

  • Keep the Mess to a Minimum

Babies love to make a mess when they’re eating, but it’s all good. Items like this suction plate are completely dishwasher safe! Just throw all your messy baby cutlery in and you’re good to go. 

  • Develop Motor Skills

Babies are learning everyday and mealtimes are critical. Using the appropriate cutlery allows them to safely engage in eating and explore their environment. 

What Are the Benefits of Baby Bamboo Plates

Bamboo plates are an environmentally friendly way to introduce your baby to solid foods. With our Little Homie dinnerware set, your little one can enjoy their meal times with a vibrant set of plates, cutlery and a cup. Perfect for a gift or for your own little homie!

Where Can I Buy Baby Suction Plates

Not to sound biassed, but since you’re already here - My Little Wardrobe stocks a wide range of baby items from various Australian brands. We pride ourselves on curating a product list that maximises efficiency and is baby friendly. For more information, you can check out our comprehensive FAQ list.