Long Sleeve Baby Rompers

A romper is a must-have for any infant or toddler! They're extremely lovely and pleasant to roll about in for your young one. Baby rompers are a necessity for any toddler, whether it's for napping or playing. My Little Wardrobe has a wonderful selection of rompers for your young one. Rompers are perfect for every weather. They can be worn on their own during summers, or used as a layering option during colder seasons. Rompers are a blessing for parents when you need to get your baby dressed in a rush, or need a quick change after a spit up. For your tiny one, you can never have too many rompers.

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Rompers are also a good option for newborns and toddlers because of their simple, hassle-free designs that allow for quick diaper changes. Prints, patterns, and adorable designs are available in a variety of designs and colours from My Little Wardrobe. Our long sleeved rompers, like the camo romper, are huge hits. Or why don’t you pick something handmade and knit, like our adorable Bear Knit Onesie? We have everything you'll need to bring out the best in your little bub! 

Choose My Little Wardrobe for high quality clothes. A proud Australian-run business, we are a name you can trust for your family. We source all our products from local and global businesses. Buying from us means that you can support small, local businesses and also buy from well-known, trustworthy global brands. We have one of the most extensive ranges of baby and kids clothing online. Our range is unparalleled and you will have choices for every budget. If it’s time to switch up your child’s wardrobe (or your own), then My Little Wardrobe is the right place to go. Make your order on our website today. 

How to Choose Baby Clothes

There are three important factors to consider when choosing clothes for your baby: safety, comfort and convenience. The clothes should be safe, meaning there shouldn’t be any buttons or other small items that can pose a choking hazard or drawstrings that could trip or strangle your baby. When it comes to comfort, babies like clothes that allow them to move around without being restrictive or tight, and fabrics that don’t cause skin irritation. Lastly, you’ll make things a lot easier for yourself if you consider the convenience of the clothing. Think about how easily you can dress your baby and change their diaper, to save yourself the trouble of too many zippers or needing to remove more than necessary when changing diapers.

Keeping these factors in mind, rompers are an obvious choice for infants and toddlers. They are one-piece clothing with little complications. Our fuss-free designs mean that parents and children are both happy. And My Little Wardrobe only brings you the highest quality products. So you can rest assured that your baby is resting comfortably in soft, breathable fabrics.

Our Baby Clothing and Baby Products

We have a wide range of different clothes for your youngest family members. For babies, apart from rompers, we have a huge collection of clothes. Everything you could need from hoodies, jumpers, jackets, tops, bottoms, dresses, swimwear and more. And don’t forget, apart from baby clothing, we also carry accessories like baby shoes and plenty of items for older siblings and mum and dad. 

Apart from baby clothing, we have plenty of items for the older siblings, mum and the nursery. These include accessories like bibs, scarfs, beanies, socks etc. You can find anything and everything baby-related here. Right from wraps, blankets and swaddles, to nappy bags, and toys. Shop for the cutest nursery décor and sheets for your baby.  

Our Story

In 2015, Sofia was on maternity leave and struggling to find a place where she could buy everything she needed for her baby. Frustrated by having to use different stores to find what she wanted, she realised that there was a gap in the market and started sourcing the clothing herself. Since then, My Little Wardrobe has grown to become one of the most popular online kids clothing stores in Australia and even has its own label, MLW By Design, which is locally designed and printed on the Gold Coast.

My Little Wardrobe is the one-stop-shop for all parents. We sell clothes for babies up to children aged 10 years old, as well as maternity clothing, children’s shoes, accessories, toys and nursery items. Our products are handmade and sourced from local businesses and big, global brands, with varying price tags to fit every budget. We have clothes for all sizes, ages and different styles, allowing your child to be stylish and fashionable no matter how young they are. My Little Wardrobe is proud of its vast selection of newborn and toddler boy apparel and footwear. We have gorgeous infant onesies, as well as toddler rompers and sets. Your one-stop shop for outfits that allow your child to express themselves.

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