Kids & Baby Denim

Shopping for babies can be one of the most special times for parents, and it only gets better when you incorporate your style into the process. Lately, you’ve been going through a denim phase… and who doesn't love a baby in distressed-washed cotton? 

Denim is a versatile fabric that’s also incredibly cute on toddlers. From onesies to jean jackets, there are a multitude of looks that can accommodate your baby's personality. 

With denim, not only are you choosing material that is fashionable but also comfortable. Durable and machine washable, this type of clothing provides extra cosiness during those colder days. Dress them up in this high-quality fabric, and they will certainly be the most stylish kid in the room!

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How Do I Style a Baby Denim Jacket?

While there are various ways to style a baby denim jacket, here are a few ways we love to see this fashion staple in action: 

Denim Over Black: 

Pairing one versatile classic over the other is sure to make your child’s style quotient go up! Denim on top of a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans or shorts is a comfortable outfit for your little babe. It also works well with a dress. 

The denim keeps them warm and protected, and the black gives the whole outfit a slick look. This idea is perfect for a party setting, especially when paired with a pair of baby trainers or boots. Thrown on a black or white jumper for those colder months, and this look becomes a perfect winter look too! 

Denim Over Floral Patterns:

From shirts or tops to dresses and pants, denim works wonderfully when paired with florals. It’s a great casual outfit that adds a touch of colour to the washed blue hues of your kid’s denim jacket. Pair it with a plain pair of pants or a shirt, and enjoy your little one’s look in this classic match. 

Denim and the Three Colour Rule:  

If you’re struggling for ideas on a simple casual outfit, a good one would be to adopt the three-colour rule. As stated in the name, use two complementary colours and pair it with denim to take your next little one’s casual outfit to the next level! 

Denim On Denim

Denim-on-denim looks are one of the latest trends in baby fashion and can create classic, timeless outfits for toddlers. While denim is a durable fabric that ensures your little one will be comfortable on any outing, it also has a laid-back quality that makes it perfect for playtime. From stylish jean jackets to rompers, denim pieces come in various options and styles for babies. Choose different shades for an edgy, fashion-forward look or coordinate with blues or whites for an effortless ensemble. Whatever you decide, there's no denying that denim is a versatile and timeless choice in your baby's wardrobe!

How Do I Style Baby Denim Shorts?

Kids denim shorts are great to pair with virtually any top! They are an excellent choice for creating a polished yet casual look for your baby. Inspired by the perfect Parisian day, we recommend pairing them with a floral top or a crisp white t-shirt. If you’re afraid of getting stains on your baby’s shirt, darker colours like brown and maroon work well too!

Should I Size Up in Kids Denim Overalls?

Sometimes it feels like children outgrow things so quickly. They increase in size at an average pace of about six to eight centimetres per year, so buying clothes for the little one ends up being every few months. One way to get ahead of this is to try finding slightly larger articles of clothing, such as denim sets and jackets. 

Thankfully, it is also the type of material that looks better with time. By investing in denim, you will have a timeless, seasoned piece of denim that your little one can use for longer. With this in mind, ensure you’re not buying denim clothing that is way too big or too small as they might be uncomfortable for your child. 

Where Can I Buy Kids and Baby Denim?

All in all, denim is a versatile and durable fabric. You can purchase denim jackets, skirts and overalls right here at My Little Wardrobe. We offer a variety of denim styles and highly recommend every parent to consider buying one for their child. For more information, check out our comprehensive FAQ page.