Baby Walker Shoes

Few moments of parenthood are more exciting than when your baby starts to walk. There’s nothing like those first few stumbling steps — which inevitably end in a stumble and maybe a few tears!

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There are many things you can do to help your baby on this amazing journey. One such strategy is ensuring your child is wearing shoes that support their feet and provide them with as much grip and stability as possible.

My Little Wardrobe aims to provide kids (and their parents) with clothing, shoes, and accessories that are both stylish and durable. We stock a broad range of baby walking shoes that are perfect for little ones just learning to walk and support feet as they pick up the pace!

Should Babies Wear Walker Shoes?

Let’s start with a very common question — should babies even wear shoes?

Aside from being an opportunity to show off a bit of style, there are many practical reasons babies and toddlers just learning to walk should be wearing shoes.

As with adults, shoes act as an important protective barrier for small feet. Whether they can walk confidently or not, babies are prone to exploring the terrain around them. The last thing you want is your child to end up with cuts, bruises, and dirt on their soft feet!

Footwear can also protect young feet from extremes in temperature across both winter and summer.

Some experts believe walking barefoot can help babies develop important muscles in their feet. If you’re indoors and in a carpeted environment, there’s nothing wrong with your baby exploring their surroundings barefoot. However, if there’s any risk of them coming across sharp objects or you can’t be sure of the terrain, a good pair of pre-walker baby shoes are a must-have.

What Shoes Are Best For Helping Babies Walk?

There are a few things you should look for in a good pair of baby walker shoes.

To start with, choose the right materials. Avoid shoes made from cheap lining that will rub uncomfortably against the foot and fail to absorb sweat, which can lead to foot health problems. Often, your young child won’t tell you when their shoes are causing pain until there’s an obvious problem, like a blister or a cut, so ensure you get this right from the beginning.

Shoes come with a few different types of fasteners. Some fasteners — like velcro — will be much easier for your kid to do up and undo themselves. Buckles or laces are generally quite difficult for young fingers.

If you’d like to give your child more independence, consider My Little Wardrobe’s Elephant Walkers, available in white, brown, navy, and grey. The velcro straps make it reasonably easy for little hands to put on and take off their shoes.

Alternatively, the Strappy Walker line, with a stylish and secure buckle, is an excellent option for parents who want to be sure that shoes will stay on!

The last thing to look for is a secure and non-slip sole. Once your kid gets the hang of walking, they’ll be looking to pick up the pace as fast as possible! Ensure they have enough grip to walk, run, scramble, slip, and get right back up again.    

When Should Babies Start Wearing Walking Shoes?

No two babies are alike. Some will start walking as young as eight months, while others will be up on their feet a little after their first birthday.

The first step to walking is crawling, and then comes having the strength to pull yourself up. Once your child has started to show signs of these activities, the exciting first steps will be right around the corner.

Most experts will recommend purchasing baby first walking shoes when your child is starting to explore the world outside. This could be around their first birthday or a few months before or after. 

If you are concerned about your child’s walking development or want tailored advice about when they should start wearing shoes (and what type), consider booking an appointment with a podiatrist.  

How Do You Choose Baby Walking Shoes?

When it comes time to pick out your baby’s first walking shoes, you might be slightly overwhelmed by the huge range of different styles.

Keep in mind the important points we’ve discussed — baby walking shoes should be supportive and comfortable. We recommend checking out the Strappy Walkers and Elephant Walkers for shoes that combine comfort with durability and style. 

Of course, My Little Wardrobe offers a broad range of shoes in different colours, styles, and sizes. Whether you’re looking for slip-on winter boots or chunky runners, we’re certain you’ll find a pair that both you and your kids will love.  

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