Girls Tracksuits

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Our little girls should get the best treatment ever. After all, it’s what they deserve. This includes clothing them in the most comfortable, adorable clothes we can get our hands on – something that will make them feel and look great. For this, nothing is better than a girl’s tracksuit set. 

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For the easiest outfit that’ll always look good no matter what, you can’t go wrong with a cuddly and cute girls' tracksuit. With sizing spanning newborns through to girls’ toddler tracksuit sets, there’s a range of colours and fabrics to choose from. Find the perfect option and bundle your precious baby girl up in style and comfort!

At My Little Wardrobe, we offer a wide selection of girl’s tracksuits made from lightweight, breathable and premium quality materials. Our tracksuit sets come in an array of colours and styles that are sure to please your little one, no matter their unique style or taste. Shop our full range of girls' tracksuit sets online today, and give your baby girl the wardrobe she deserves!

Girls Tracksuits To Keep Your Little One Warm

There’s nothing better than a comfy matching set to lounge around home in, and our collection of baby girl tracksuits is the ultimate for wrapping up. She can wear them exactly as they come, mix and match the pieces with her favourite jacket or swap the crew neck jumper out for a cosy baby girls’ knit. These versatile tracksuits are an absolute wardrobe must-have.

We Provide a Wide Selection of Girls' Tracksuit Styles & Colours

Whether your little girl looks amazing in neutrals or you love to dress her up in beautifully bright colours, there’s a perfect addition to her wardrobe in our girls' tracksuit collection. Matching sets always look put together, and you can always mix her look up by combining different colours for an even more unique look. Perfect for everyday wear for everything from quiet days at home to parties and playdates, they come in a range of fabrics, too.

Our Tracksuits Are Made From Lightweight, Breathable & Premium Quality Materials

Suitable for all seasons, the cosy cotton fabrics in our range come in a variety of weights to give you the perfect seasonal range of baby girl tracksuits. Opt for the signature tracksuit by My Little Wardrobe for summer and the luxe version with its beautifully soft, unbrushed fleece for the cooler months.

We know little girls can get fussy when their clothes don’t feel just right. Aside from delivering on style, the stretchy cuffs and drawstring waistbands make for comfortable long-term wear. They’re lightweight enough to be easy for active, busy babies to wear while still providing plenty of warmth. They’re also ideal for layering up with a coat for those chilly coffee runs with Mum.

How Do I Style Girls' Tracksuit Pants?

Styling your daughter in her brand-new tracksuit pants from My Little Wardrobe is far easier than you may think. To create a classic, casual look that is perfect for any outing, simply pair the tracksuit pants with a plain white t-shirt and one of our stylish hoodies. For extra warmth, opt for tracksuit sets that are made of fleece.

The early 2000s are making a comeback. If you want your little one to look extra cool and on-trend, opt for a baby girl tracksuit set. A matching tracksuit pant and zip-up jacket create a cohesive, elevated look, even though you have put in minimal effort. Paired with a plain white and black t-shirt and sneakers to match, your little one is sure to look like a mini fashionista! This outfit is perfect for all occasions. Whether it be Sunday breakfast or an afternoon play date, your daughter will always look like the star of the show. It's her world, we're just living in it.

Are Girls' Tracksuit Pants a Good Option for Kids?

Absolutely! Tracksuit pants are perfect for kids. Not only do they look stylish and cool, but they are also incredibly comfortable. This is important, as comfort can often be a major factor when it comes to kids’ clothing. If your daughter isn’t comfortable in her clothes, she won't wear them - it's that simple.

A girls' tracksuit set provides breathability and a free range of movement so your little one can go from playing in the park to having lunch with her friends without any fuss. At My Little Wardrobe, our girls' tracksuits feel and look great, with a wide variety of styles and colours to suit your little girl's style.

Are Girls' Tracksuit Pants Good for Winter?

Girls’ tracksuit pants are a great option for the winter months, as they provide warmth and comfort without sacrificing style. Choose from our selection of thick, fleece materials that will help keep your daughter warm during cold days. The breathable fabric ensures she won't overheat while still keeping her snug and cosy!

Girls' tracksuits are also a great option due to their ability to be layered easily. On days that are extra cold, you can layer your daughter's tracksuit pants with thick tights and a long-sleeved top to ensure she stays warm and comfortable all day.

Where Can I Buy Girls Tracksuit Pants?

My Little Wardrobe is the perfect place to shop for girls’ tracksuit pants. Our range of stylish and comfortable tracksuits will ensure your daughter looks great, no matter the occasion. We have an array of colours and styles to choose from, so you are sure to find something that she'll love for many seasons to come.

Browse our range of girls' tracksuits today, or take a look at our wider winter collection. If you're in need of assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Girls Tracksuits That Can Be Customised With Your Baby’s Name, Making It Unique To Them

My Little Wardrobe range of baby girl tracksuit sets can be personalised with her name and birth year for an outfit that’ll really stand out. The track pants will also feature her first initial, creating a truly custom and cohesive look. We’ve paired different baby girl tracksuit styles with unique fonts, meaning no two sets are the same.

Hand-printed by our team, just add a note with her name and birth year when you add your girls tracksuit to your basket and we’ll take care of the rest. With Australia-wide shipping, you can order today and dress your little one up in her own personalised baby girl tracksuit in no time.

My Little Wardrobe Only Provides The Best Girls Tracksuit Jackets & Pants

Combining style, comfort and personalisation, the collection of adorable girls' tracksuit sets at My Little Wardrobe has something for everyone - from babies to toddlers. Explore our own range as well as designs from the likes of Ballerinas and Boys to Carrington Kids to find the perfect matching set for your little girl.