Baby Gingham

If you've been adding lots of prints to your little one's closet and are searching for something fresh and different, gingham is the perfect pick.  

Be it a casual day at the park or a birthday party, gingham adds a classic touch to every outfit. Its versatility means it pairs well with other patterns and solid colours alike, allowing for countless combinations. 

If you want to introduce a timeless look to your child's wardrobe, gingham is a sure winner!

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What is Gingham? 

Gingham is a distinctive woven fabric known for its iconic checkered pattern. The term "gingham" traces its roots to the Malayan word "genggang," which originally meant "striped." 

While it began as a representation of striped fabric, over the years, gingham has evolved to symbolise the even-sized checks we're familiar with today, created by intersecting horizontal and vertical stripes.

Why Is Gingham a Popular Choice for Baby Clothes?

Gingham has been a favourite for generations, consistently making its presence felt in the fashion landscape.  


The beauty of gingham lies in its adaptability. It suits a wide range of occasions, from laid-back picnics to festive celebrations, making it a go-to choice for parents wanting both style and flexibility.


One of the standout features of gingham is its gender-neutrality. Whether it's soft sage or mellow yellows, this pattern lends itself beautifully to any hue, making it a favourite for both boys and girls.

Easy Coordination

Gingham's distinct yet understated design complements various other patterns and colours. This makes outfit planning simpler, as gingham pieces can be effortlessly paired with other items in a baby's wardrobe.

Explore our full range of baby gingham designs today to place your order with My Little Wardrobe. For more information regarding our products or bulk orders, feel free to get in touch with us. 

Are My Little Wardrobe's Gingham Baby Clothes Machine Washable?

Absolutely! My Little Wardrobe's gingham baby clothes are designed with both style and practicality in mind. Our gingham collection is 100% machine washable. However, to maintain the vibrant pattern and prolong the lifespan of the garment, we recommend following the specific care instructions provided on the label. This often includes washing on a gentle cycle with like colours and avoiding harsh chemicals or bleaches.

Is My Little Wardrobe’s Gingham Baby Clothes Suitable for All Seasons?

My Little Wardrobe's gingham baby clothes are designed to be versatile across various seasons. The breathable nature of gingham fabric makes it perfect for warmer months, keeping your little one cool and comfortable. 

For cooler seasons, gingham outfits can easily be layered with other pieces to provide warmth. The classic pattern is not only timeless in style but also in its adaptability to different weather conditions. Whether it's a sunny summer day or a chilly autumn evening, My Little Wardrobe ensures your baby remains both stylish and comfortable with our gingham collection.

What Other Prints and Fabrics Does My Little Wardrobe Sell? 

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