Soft Baby Shoes

My Little Wardrobe is the place to go! We have an extensive range of all kinds of shoes for babies aged 0 months and up, and toddlers over two years old. We don’t stop at shoes, though! We’re a one-stop-shop for all your young children needs, including baby clothes, children’s clothing, nursery décor and accessories, and even clothing and accessories for mothers. My Little Wardrobe is an Australian owned and operated business that stocks items from small local designers to big, global brands. With something to fit every style, size and budget, there’s no better place to buy soft baby shoes in Australia. Read More

When Does My Baby Needs Soft Sole Shoes?

It can be hard to tell when to get your baby’s first shoes. As a general rule of thumb, there’s no need for proper footwear before your child has started learning how to walk and taking their first steps. Firm shoes can be restrictive and hinder their learning, and baby’s feet are very sensitive and can easily get uncomfortable. Besides, most shoes don’t serve any real purpose when their little feet aren’t on the ground. However, even the smallest of babies will get cold during the winter months. With lower temperatures, shoes can be a great way to protect your child’s feet from the elements when socks just aren’t enough. That’s what soft baby shoes are for. They give all of the warmth and comfort without being restrictive. And when your little one is old enough to start stumbling around on their own, getting them proper walking shoes is important for whenever they’re walking outside the house. This is to make sure they don’t step on anything sharp or hot and also to prevent their feet and socks from getting too dirty.

Our Collection Of Soft Sole Baby Shoes

No matter if your baby is ready to start walking or you’re looking for some shoes to keep their feet warm or act as part of an outfit for a photoshoot, we have something to suit you. Our large collection of shoes for babies aged 0 to 24 months includes a wide variety of styles, accommodating for all weathers, styles, budgets and convenience needs. Our products include:

  • Winter boots
  • Uggs
  • Hightops
  • Sandals
  • Lace-up booties
  • Baby Sneakers
  • Mini Doc Martens
  • Hard sole shoes
  • Soft sole shoes
  • T-bar shoes
  • Biker boots
  • Flats
  • Slippers
  • Baby Timberlands
  • Slip-ons
  • Baby Pull-on Boots

Other Products

If you have young children, we know you don’t just need new shoes, and we know the struggle of having to find a bunch of different shops to buy everything you need. That’s why we stock all of it! Apart from shoes, we also have:

  • Baby clothes
  • Clothing for children up until age 10
  • Accessories and clothes for mothers
  • Nursery décor and toys
  • Baby and children’s accessories

Buying Soft Baby Shoes from My Little Wardrobe

Whether you want to buy soft baby shoes online or something else entirely, My Little Wardrobe is an excellent choice. Our products are handmade, and you can choose to support local Australian businesses or stick to brands you know. There will always be something, no matter what your budget is. Shipping in Australia is free for orders over $120, and if you’re abroad, we also ship to many other locations, including New Zealand, Canada, the US and UK. You can even earn rewards with every order! Choose My Little Wardrobe and make your order online.

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