Godparents Baby Clothes

Whether you’re a godparent after a gift for your precious godchild or parents looking for a godparent proposal gift, My Little Wardrobe can help you find the ideal gift.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle to find gifts to and from godparents. Our extensive collection covers everything, from gift boxes and bundles to personalised items for every godparent’s special occasion. Let us help you to put together the perfect godparent proposal or gift bundle for your godchild. 

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Gifts From Godparents

There is so much you can give your new godchild. It’s a treat to treat them, so you’ll be happy to learn just how much you can do for them and their parents.

Gift Boxes

With our gift boxes, get a gift that cares for your godchild in all the sweetest ways. They have all the essentials parents need, wrapped in luxe and unique designs. You can’t go wrong with these gift packs, assembled with care.

Personalised Items

Do you want to say something different with your gift? Explore our personalised items. You can create something special for your godchild, from customised bodysuits and hoodies to bibs and dummy chains.


It’s a classic gift for a good reason. Toys are a quintessential part of childhood; you can be the cool godparent who gifts the best ones. Browse our selection of open-play and imaginative toys online or in-store today.

Gifts To Godparents

Ready to choose your godparent proposal gift? Go ahead and do it with style, thanks to My Little Wardrobe.

Grab a bodysuit so your little one can make the proposal with you. Designed by My Little Wardrobe, you can customise your bodysuit in various ways, including sleeve length, colours and sizes (0 to 18 months available).

If you want to add something more, pick up some pieces to emphasise the godparent proposal, such as a toy, gift box or adorable matching items. After all, what could be more precious than a godparent and godchild in matching beanies or shirts? It’ll also double as a keepsake for the moment; your loved one will have that item forever to remember the proposal.

Godparent proposal gifts can encompass activities or times they’ll spend together, whether it’s an afternoon of open play with toys or a photo shoot in matching outfits.

If you’d like to learn more about gifts for and from godparents, contact My Little Wardrobe today. We’re here to help you find the perfect way to propose – or to celebrate saying yes. Either way, its gifts abound!