Electric Ride on Vehicles

Please note due to the bulky nature of our ride on cars, balance bikes, kitchens and cubby's, these are only able to be shipped within Australia.

Vroom, vroom! This is the sound you’ll hear as your child squeals with glee, zooming around in their brand-new-ride-on electric car. Watch your little one have endless hours of fun, playing with their siblings and friends as they drive around excitedly in their new toy vehicle.

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If you’re looking for childrens ride on electric cars, you’ve come to the right place. At My Little Wardrobe, we have a vast collection of toy electric cars available for children, so your little one can be the coolest kid in town! Our range consists of luxury imitation car models, bringing the glamour at an affordable price. Browse our range online today!

What Age Range Are Ride-On Cars Suitable for?

The answer to this question heavily depends on the specific type of ride-on electric car, as each individual toy has different size, weight, and age limits. 

For example, our Licensed Land Rover 12V Electric Car is able to fit a young child between the age of three to eight years old. However, a kids ride-on electric car from another brand or in another style may only be able to fit a child that’s two to four years old. We recommend reading the product description to be sure before making a purchase. 

How Fast Do Ride-On Cars Typically Go?

Again, the answer to this will vary according to the type of electric baby car, as well as the brand. At My Little Wardrobe, our electric cars typically operate in a speed range of two to four kilometres per hour. 

It's important to note that this speed range is designed with the safety and enjoyment of young children in mind. These speeds are typically suitable for children within the recommended age range for ride-on cars. As always, it's essential to review the specific speed settings and guidelines provided by the manufacturer to ensure a safe and age-appropriate riding experience for your child.

Can Ride-On Cars Be Used Indoors and Outdoors?

Yes! Our range of electric cars for kids is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The most important aspect of allowing your child to use their ride-on vehicle indoors is that there is enough space in your home. If you have large hallways or a spacious rumpus room, that’s perfect! Your child will be able to enjoy their electric toy car without bumping into any furniture and potentially damaging it!

As for outdoor use, our kids' ride-on vehicles are equipped with durable tyres that are suitable for grass and footpaths. 

How Long Does the Battery Last on a Ride-On Car?

Your child will be overjoyed when they receive their brand new ride-on electric car, wanting to ride it time and time again. The electric toy vehicles we have available at My Little Wardrobe, such as the Kinds Ride On Car Rapid Racer, have a lasting power of up to two hours. That means multiple hours of fun before your little one will need to take a temporary break from driving around!

Are Ride-On Cars Easy to Assemble?

The ease of assembling kids' ride-on cars can vary. While some models are relatively simple and come with clear instructions, others may have more complex assembly processes. We recommend reading the product specifications and user manual of the electric toy vehicle you purchase so you can assemble the car correctly.

Cars designed for young children usually have simpler assembly requirements, while more advanced models may involve additional tools and steps. Overall, it's advisable to choose a ride-on car that aligns with your comfort level and assembly skills.

How Much Weight Can a Ride-On Car Support?

The weight capacity of ride-on cars can vary depending on the specific model. At My Little Wardrobe, our children's ride-on electric vehicles typically have a weight capacity of up to 30 kilograms. This ensures that your little one can enjoy their favourite toy comfortably and safely before outgrowing it. 

It's important to consider the weight of your child when selecting a ride-on car to ensure it falls within the recommended weight limit. By adhering to the specified weight capacity, you can ensure optimal performance and longevity of the ride-on car, providing endless hours of fun and excitement for your child.

What Type of Surfaces Are Ride-On Cars Safe to Ride On?

All of our ride-on cars are safe for use on a variety of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. My Little Wardrobe’s childrens electric ride-on vehicles are suitable for smooth pavement such as driveways, concrete, and footpaths, providing easy manoeuvring. They can also be used on grassy areas with short and well-maintained grass. Asphalt surfaces, such as playgrounds or parking lots, are also safe for ride-on cars.

However, some ride-on cars are designed specifically for indoor use and can be used on indoor floors, including hardwood, tiles, or carpets. It’s important to read the product specifications before making your purchase, so you know exactly what you’re buying for your little angel!

Where Can I Buy Electric Cars for Kids Online?

My Little Wardrobe is your one-stop shop for all things baby and child related, and this includes electric toy cars for kids! Our range includes a variety of premium models imitating luxury cars, because your little one deserves nothing less than the best!

Shop our range of children’s ride-on electric vehicles online today, or contact us if you have any further questions.