Babydoo - Bestia Teether

Babydoo - Bestia Teether


This is our Original Babydoo design. We had so much fun designing this teether, and we hope you like it too! 

Just choose your color and animal teether, and we have a happy baby.

Silicone beads:
food grade
resistant to the growth of mould and bacteria.

Please note: ALL of our teething toys meet and exceed mandatory safety standards for Toys under 36 months AS/NZS 8124.

NOTHING is more important than safety.

How should I care the wood products?

  • Both wood and silicone are antimicrobial. DO NOT submerge your wooden toys in water or allow them to get super wet for a long time. Just use a damp cloth ,and a mild dish soap to clean, use sparingly.
  • If the your wood toy gets full over time, you can simply rub them with a 50/50 mixture of organic beeswax and olive oil or coconut oil. Simply wipe on, leave it for a couple hours until soaked in, and wipe off any excess.

How to I sanitize my clip?

  • DO NOT STERILIZE your clip! Silicone is naturally antimicrobial, washing with warm soapy water thoroughly is sufficient to clean it.
  • DO NOT BOIL or MICROWAVE your clip!